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For so long now I've kept an incredibly large (and ridiculously slow loading) brush library in Photoshop. I soaked up every awesome brush pack or set I could get my hands on, and was always looking for that next brush that would complete my repertoire and get me closer to painting like my idols.
Yesterday I finally realised that I only use about 9 brushes in total, and really only 2 brushes for most things, with the others for touch ups on a piece to piece basis. So I went ahead and deleted almost every other brush I own (more like moving them out of the brushes folder), to streamline my drawing process and force me into actually drawing items as opposed to using an image brush e.g. drawing individual chain links instead of using a chain brush. The ones I have kept are a mix of Daarken's and DanLuvisi's brushes, and are enough to create almost anything, talent permitting.
I think I'm becoming more comfortable with these brushes and the more I practice, the more they help me achieve the goals I set for myself.

I hope you've found the brushes that get your creativity on!
Hello world!

I finally made my private art/concepts and my paid work very separate from each other. As much as i'd like people to see all of my work, regardless of how crap or silly, most of my clients wouldn't go for the zombie/undead/gross stuff, and might even be turned off from working with me. They would see two very different styles/genres of art, and if people google my work, i don't want a zombie popping up when they're looking for a children's book illustrator! That is why i upgraded and changed my username. This way i can continue to make the weird and macabre stuff, without turning prospective clients off. Plus i really like the new name, it's a handle that i could get used to...the only problem now is the back linking for anything that did have my old name attached. Here's hoping i create enough work to put any of that old stuff on the furthest pages of google images...
Wow, I just noticed that my deviant page has reached 1000 views! I didn't think I'd get to 100, so this is very humbling. Just want to say thanks to anyone and everyone who has clicked on any of my deviations and a big thanks to everyone who has added any of my art to their favourites!
Just posted some random bird things. I seem to be able to draw these better than what i really want to draw, or what i'm into, but maybe i'll find more people with these types of digital paintings than with my other crap Shrug 
Hi there,

You know how some artists tell you that it's the practice that makes you better, not the brush?
Well, that's not entirely true.
I found a brush set today by an artist named Jamie (whose last name escapes me, but his brushes are apparently well known everywhere), and i've got to tell you, i've improved my lighting AND my depth in just one day using his brushes. It's not that i've changed my style because of the brushes, more like i saw how the brushes worked on top of each stroke applied, as well as the opacity and layered effects the brushes seem to have that are beneficial to the type of art i've been longing to draw/paint.
I'm not sure how this will play out over long periods of drawing/painting and how they'll go with fine details, but at the moment i feel like i can mimic some of those awesome paintings i see on here using that real painterly look.

Here's to finding something new that just works!

It's been a while since i posted anything, so i finished off an old sketch in photoshop, slapped some digital paint on it and thrust it upon the world!!
I think it took longer than i thought or than it required, but it just never seemed finished. Even now, it doesn't seem finished but i needed to stop and just put it out there.

Enjoy, if anyone is actually watching...
I found a couple of tutorials by the likes of Dave Rapoza and Daarken, which got me trying out a few different ways to paint my illos, since i'm not very good at it yet.

This latest one, somebody's cranky, is my attempt to pull some of that knowledge together and add it to my drawing.

I've wanted to try a costume like a super hero or something like that from Marvel or DC.

The texture in the costumes my favourite characters wear, really stand out and i wanted to try and capture that.

Anyway, hope you like my latest painting, Avenge! :)
Sooo much good art on here at the moment.

I'm getting more and more in the mood to draw, which is always a good thing!

Just submitted a concept rifle after sitting at my computer tonight, sketching out ideas til something clicked.

Another one up for viewing.

Called 'The Shot', this seemed far more difficult than my first digital painting, i think because the character was more open in the scene, and therefore i had to actually draw the body as a whole.

Trying to draw a hand is ridiculously hard, but trying to draw one in proportion and showing intent, is even harder.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

I have finally submitted some art!

Thought i'd put my two newest ones up, seeing as they are my best ones yet.